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Update July 06 - 2010 PRO's Or CON's "Fat Burning Furnace - Online Weight Loss Programs By Health Experts

Fat Burning Furnace is written by Rob Poulos, the intention of the program is designed to help people who want to lose weight by a good exercise and nutrition regime, the program is simple, straight forward to follow and achieve the weight loss desired results with. This is the popular online weight loss program in 2010, as always, please read the review carefully before buying. If you decide to purchase this program, we will appreciate if you can buy it from us.

Fat Burning Furnace
Discover The Weird Tips and Tricks
How To Lose 42 Lbs & 10 Inches Of
My Belly With Only 45 Minutes Workout

Insanity Workout Versus Fat Burning Furnace - Which is For You?
By John Davenport Platinum Quality Author

In this article I want to do a short comparison of the Insanity Workout by Shaun T and the Fat Burning Furnace by Rob Poulos to help you see which plan is better for you and for your goals. I hope this article will prove useful to you.

The Insanity Workout plan is a DVD fitness system which you need to follow for 60 days. All of the exercises are bodyweight workouts and can be done at home with no equipment. All the workouts are shown on DVD with Shaun T and other trainers. You need to train 6 times a week and each workout lasts from 45 minutes to slightly over an hour in total. Insanity is marketed as a highly intensive fat loss program and rightly so. This is not an easy program to stick to. In fact, it requires a tremendous effort to handle so it may not be right for beginners. That being said, the extreme workouts do result in a massive fat loss because you're burning so many calories.

The Fat Burning Furnace program is made up a little bit differently. It is an online plan which you can download to your computer. The workout includes information about how to workout and how to eat to burn body fat and lose weight. The program portrays the process Rob Poulos went through to lose fat when he was overweight. This is an easier program than Insanity as the workouts are simpler and shorter. However, you may also lose fat a bit more slowly on this plan.

If you're a beginner whose not used to working out then you may have an easier time with Fat Burning Furnace. This is not to say that Shaun T's Insanity Workout is a bad program. It has excellent testimonials from many people. However, there's no hiding the fact that this is a tough program to do for 60 days.

In addition, if you can't spare an hour to workout six days a week for the next two months, you won't be able to do the Insanity Workout fully. Fat Burning Furnace may be less time consuming.

If you believe that having the workouts shown to you in DVD in your home for you to follow (which can be motivating) will help you to train harder and stronger, then you may find Insanity a better program for you. However, you can lose fat with both plans.

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John Davenport lost over 30 pounds in his twenties after being overweight most of his life. He now runs a weight loss forum and publishes a diet and fitness newsletter.

Fat Burning Furnace
Discover The Weird Tips and Tricks
How To Lose 42 Lbs & 10 Inches Of
My Belly With Only 45 Minutes Workout

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